Saturday, January 22, 2011

Morton Salt Girl Costume

This costume was years in the making.  I originally made and wore it myself in the late 1990's (1997?).  Bought a big yellow dress at Goodwill and cut it down to make this:

My task for Halloween 2009 was to cut it down to size for my then 7 year old daughter.  I took off the sleeves and the skirt portion, hoisted them up a bit and reattached them.  Brought the waist in a bit and added better pleating to the skirt.
For the salt can, we took a potato flake can and covered it with an enlarged photocopy of the actual label.  Added a spout to the bottom with trailing sparkly ribbons, and a handle on top to carry it as a trick or treat candy holder.
In 2009 she tried it on and my husband took a couple photos.  Of course, she's holding the can the wrong way.

And then she got a fever for Halloween and wasn't able to go trick or treating.  The costume got put away for a year.  I insisted she wear it the following year because we had put so much work into it, I felt like it needed it's Halloween in the spotlight it deserved.

Fast forward to 2010.  She's grown a bit and now it fits even better.  We entered her in the Bend Bulletin costume contest, so she got her photo in the newspaper (but no prize, oh well).  She wore the costume trick or treating and it was a wild success! (We later re-did the left shoe, I had run out of tape for this photo.)


Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Hi Liana, this such a cool post! Thanks for following me. I am your newest follower. I featured you on my follower post just now. I hope it is okay that I used the pic of your girl, along with your link. Take care!


Make and Do Girl said...

This is an adorable costume! I would have never thought to dress up as the Morton Salt girl, but the result is fantastic. I love unexpected Halloween ideas like this.