Thursday, August 24, 2006

August Vacation Wrap-up

We made it back from vacation, and what a time it was! I could start a "Nevada County Vacation Checklist" of things we attempt to do each year just to see if we are successful. It would include such things as "Meet up with a friend from high school you haven't seen in 10 years or more", "Recognize a person at the fair that you knew in high school", "Take a picture of daughter with a Job's Daughter's Corn Dog", "Spend hours basking in the sun on a rock in the Yuba River" (didn't get to do that one this time), "Shop at used book stores", and "Taste and purchase local wine". My daughter got to ride plenty of rides this year thanks to the tons of discount ride tickets we bought in advance (they're good every year - good thing!). And thanks to my mom babysitting, we got to spend some "adult" time in the beer garden with pals from high school. Now we are in the middle of daughter's teacher's 2-week vacation, during which I must find alternate care for her for the 9 hours I am at work. This year my neighbors and friends truly amazed me with their willingness to have daughter over for day-long play dates. These people really go above and beyond! We are coping decently with husband away in Salem. I decided it's just not worth the money to watch someone else mow my lawn when I am perfectly capable of doing it myself. So there I was last Sunday morning pushing the Black and Decker electric mower around the yard. Yeah! Tonight in the tub, daughter drew a picture of herself and a witch, dressed all in purple. I asked if the witch's underwear were also purple, and she said she didn't draw them and that's because the witch was wearing no underwear because she sold them all to her friends.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Barely monthly...

You'd think I could eke out at least a monthly entry, but here I am 3 days late. Husband and daughter are on vacation. I join them next week, and get to enjoy 5 days/nights alone with peace and quiet in the meantime. Except for the noise of the cats breaking into their timed-release food dish. Our vacation next week includes attending the Nevada County Fair, which daughter has attended each of her 4.5 years on this planet. I've lost track of my consecutive attendance, but it's likely close to 10+ years. Far be it for us to go to the fair of the county we reside in. The Deschutes county fairgrounds does not have the distinction of being the "most beautiful" in the state, as the Nevada County fairgrounds does in California. The best part of the N.C. fairgrounds are the plentiful pine trees in which the Butler Amusement rides are strategically nestled so each one makes you feel you will be wrapped around a tree trunk sticky with sap picking pine needles out of your hair by the end of the night. And the incredible food area, aka "Treat Street". I have never been to a fair or festival with better food. The only "must have" is a corn dog at the Job's Daughter's booth. (The phrase "Job'sDaughter'sCornDog" is practically one word.) Other than that I generally rotate between tempura (the booth I know the best because I have worked there during several fairs), corn on a stick, baked potato, bratwurst, salad bar, hamburger, soft serve, and root beer float. And never forget free honey samples at the honey hut for some quick energy and go power. Other activities during our vacation will include a visit to the Yuba River, drinks at Lucky Bar USA in downtown Grass Valley, wine tasting at Lucchesi winery, a movie at one of the theaters my friend manages, plenty of babysitting by my mom, coffee at Caffe Mekka in Nevada City, browsing in J.Jacksons and Gray Goose, fondue at Friar Tucks, and general reminiscing in the area I lived from 1978 to 1990. This year I expect to see at least one friend I haven't seen in about 10 years. Not to mention all the Nevada Union High School 1987 alumni I will have my eyes peeled for. Then, to end it all, my husband goes to Sacramento to take Amtrak to Salem to start law school. Daughter and I go home to Bend to find out what it's like without daddy around.