Saturday, November 01, 2008

A Diplomatic Mission

This year V finally decided she wanted to be Princess Leia for Halloween. For a while she wanted to be a vampire, then a werewolf. I began encouraging the Princess Leia idea (she *is* one of the stronger princesses, after all) when I noticed the noise supression headphones on the workbench in the garage and it all came together. We started with a dress from Goodwill for $6.99. Plus some white pleather and silver metallic looking fabric for the belt, and some brown fuzzy material for the "hair" (another $6). I ripped off the purple and silver sequin stuff from the dress, disassembled the chest area, and took off the sleeves. Then I sewed pleats into the neckline to give it a gathered appearance, because this dress material wasn't as billowy as the real dress in the movie. I slimmed down the sleeves and re-attached them. Then cut about 8 inches off the length and hemmed it up. The belt was cardboard covered with white pleather hot-glued on. The "medallions" were also cardboard covered with metallic fabric. We had a problem after hot-gluing the medallions to the pleather, as they had a tendency to pop off with the slightest tug. I ended up Krazy-gluing them on as they fell off.

I made circles of the brown fabric and sewed elastic around the edge to slip them over the headphones, then made a fabric sleeve for the top of the headphones.

V wore a white turtleneck underneath to complete the look, and she was ready to go!