Friday, October 13, 2006

My Slogan

In the shower last week I came up with a slogan I would put on a sticker or pin and wear proudly. I haven't actually typed/written it out so I don't know what it looks like in print, but in my head it sounded good, so here goes: Less Vanity More Planety It does make one think, doesn't it? Like a vanity license plate that you have to sound out in order to figure out what it says? I came up with it after contemplating people that spend extra money on posessions that say something about their position in life, rather than just buying a basic item that will accomplish the same thing. And then thinking what effect those types of purchases have on the earth and our ecosystems. Like Glade Plug-Ins. Must we use electricity to make our house a tropical rain forest (because soon that will be the only place you can actually smell one)? Or a specialized kitchen appliance that does something you can do with something you already own? Like those rotating ovens made just for cooking frozen pizza. What happens to those things after people realize they can do the same thing in their own oven? All of those pizza cookers end up at garage sales and Goodwill and eventually landfills. All that plastic and metal and wiring laying somewhere under the earth. I go to a lot of garage sales, so I see the stuff right before it hits the landfill. And Hummers? 'nuf said. I think that for every person out there that is willing to pay a little bit extra to support local farms or the mom-and-pop store on the corner, there is another person that is paying a lot extra to waste resources. How can we ever get ahead, much less keep up? We need to think more about the impression we leave on earth, rather than the impression we leave on other people. The former is more vital and long-lasting than the latter. Less vanity. More planety.


Sandra said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog :)

In answer to your question, my father in law taught me to play Back Alley Bridge :) He was a retired marine drill sergeant and it used to be a big game amongst the marines and one which he and his family loved to play :)

Do you play Back Alley Bridge??

I'll be back to visit your blog soon :)

Anonymous said...

I want a website that just gives compliments.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you started a blog, I just noticed your comment was clickable.

There are frozen pizza ovens?

And I like your bumper sticker idea. I try to do that but it doesn't always work out. Your post also reminds me of the most recent episode of My Name is Earl where he spends a week in an off the grid commune and they tell him all about eco-impact so he tries to go tell everyone. But then he gets frustrated and freaks out because no matter what he does there are always people undoing his work. They end up telling him that even if everyone spent 5 minutes a day doing what they normally wouldn't do that would be a big help.